Welcome to Byrd Bites

Welcome_ByrdBitesSome kids dream of becoming actors or astronauts when they grow up. Me? I made mud pies, read Taste of Home magazines and fantasized about opening a café.

My borderline obsession with food began nearly two decades ago, when I began helping my mom and oldest sister in the kitchen. I mainly sat around and sampled their food when they weren’t looking, but it definitely developed in me a craving for cooking. By middle school, I was collecting cookbooks and making dinner. In high school, I cooked at any given chance – birthday parties, church lunches, family reunions. I’d even regularly make cookies for my math class.

In essence, I was a total weirdo growing up. But I can make a great pistachio cheesecake, so it’s really OK.

Don’t let my long-time interest in food fool you, however. After getting married last fall, I realized my kitchen expertise was in baking frilly desserts – not the kind of manly man, bone-stickin’ dishes my carnivorous husband loves. In the few months of our marriage, I have scorched a lot of minced garlic, overcooked a lot of chicken and overspent on a lot of groceries. My kitchen experiments have been no piece of cake, pun intended.

I’m a huge advocate of wholesome, well-rounded diets, as I believe our health is so intricately tied to the food we eat. I try to eat organically and locally as much as our budget allows, and I try to creatively incorporate fresh produce and whole grains in as many meals as possible. But marriage mistake #2 was trying to pull my husband onto that bandwagon way too quickly.

Let’s just say he doesn’t like quinoa. In fact, he has convinced himself that he’s allergic to it. And we won’t even discuss the amount of sweet tea consumed in this house.

But he will eat whole wheat pitas and turkey bacon. He even told me that he likes chocolate chip cookies better when I use whole white wheat flour in the recipe.

That’s what this blog is all about – balance. A little bit of give and take. There will be some recipes I rave about that will make your hips rounder just by reading them. Blame it on my Southern-fried roots, but life’s just too short to avoid dessert forever. There also will be some recipes I post that you could probably double and eat all by yourself and still have all your Weight Watchers points to spare, if that’s your thing.

This blog isn’t about becoming a professional chef, or an all-knowing nutritionist, or a perfectly domesticated housewife. I’m certainly not those things (the very idea makes me cackle), and I don’t expect anyone else to be, either (although I’d love to encourage you to read nutrition labels, buy organic milk and eat lots of apples).

Overall, my goal is to help inspire more people to step in the kitchen, roll up their sleeves and get cooking. And I’d be delighted if you’d join me!


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